Stainless Steel Disks with 5′ Cord


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These stainless steel disks are designed to be an extension of the outplate of the Eagle Pro Remedy Maker and the Guardian Imprinter. The small size of the disks allows localized treatment of the affected area. If multiple problem areas exist, the disks can easily be moved to each location. The disks have been found to be very helpful in a variety of applications when used for extended periods.

For example, the first application was on a horse that had a damaged front knee joint. The veterinary doctor wanted to apply remedies to the horse while tied in his stall. After the disk was connected to a Pro Remedy Maker, the disk was placed on the horse’s knee, bound with a remedy soaked bandage, and then wrapped in plastic to keep in the moisture. To start the healing process, remedies were placed on the remedy maker, and the unit was switched to the continuous mode. The disk allowed the horse to receive the healing remedies over a longer time.

This application was so successful that this type of method has been used for many similar applications that range from sore backs to sprained ankles. Each disk is supplied with a five-foot connecting cord.