Guardian Testimonials

Guardian Testimonials

Testimonial Letters from those who have used the “Guardian” Imprinter

April 2005


As you well know, I have had two cardiac triple by-pass surgeries and a fem-pop in the left leg within the past six years. My last surgery was done this past December with little success in delivering more blood to the arteries in my legs or lower torso.

Trying to walk more than just a few yards has, for several years, caused me great pain in the calf muscle of both legs. I have had every test and treatment possible to correct this problem, yet the problem still remained, that is until this past Monday morning.

While walking from the parking area to the office (which is only a few yards) my left leg stopped working. The muscles were contracted so tightly, from a lack of blood, that they felt as hard as a rock, and I had to drag my left foot, in order to maneuver. My wife and I both tried to massage the muscle to allow more blood flow to the lower leg, but nothing seemed to work.

We then tried the Imprinter at the office. Within two minutes, the cramping left my leg, the muscle returned to normal and I was able to walk normally. Not only could I walk normally, I could jog up and down the driveway as if I had no blood flow problem in my leg.

As you know, I have always been somewhat skeptical on the use of this and other devices we make and sell, but after using the Imprinter on my leg, I am convinced that this and other witty inventions are a gift from above and must be used to aid and assist those with similar, or other conditions, that those in the medical profession seem unable to treat.

I pray to God, giving thanksgiving for such a device as the Imprinter and will be ever ready to use it again, should the need arise.

Thank you,
R.R., Greenville, SC

I just have to share a truly remarkable story with you. Last Thursday my wife and I woke up to find our 12 year old Schnauzer, Maggie, in a major health crisis. We found her in the kitchen dazed and having, what seemed to be seizures. I immediately thought she was having a stroke. She could hardly walk and did not respond to any either my wife or myself. She has been a very healthy dog so this came as quite a shock to us.Over the next few hours she seemed to only get worse. I took her to the clinic, thinking that I would be making a trip to the Vet’s office and probably would have to make the decision to have her put down. Things were looking that bad! She was in cardiac distress; her poor little heart was bouncing around all over the place. Her eyes and gums were turning gray. Her blood sugars had dropped to a dangerous level. 

I knew that I had to try something, I had taken several Natural Health Pet courses in school and have worked with hundreds of pets in the past, but nothing compared to what Maggie was presenting. As you know, I have been using the Guardian Imprinter for a few months with my clients in my clinic and decided to try the Guardian on Maggie. I used the Imprinter on Maggie and within 5 minutes she came out of her seizures and seemed to be improving. I made a seizure and heart homeopathic, using the Eagle Pro, and gave her several drops every 15 minutes and over the next hour we had our dog back. It was truly amazing to see her turn around so quickly. All I could think about was what if I had made that decision to take her in and possibly have her put down.

Over the weekend I use the Guardian Imprinter on Maggie 3 times per day and kept the homeopathic remedies going and by Sunday you could not tell anything had happened to her. All of her vital signs are normal and she even went for a very long walk with us on Sunday.

I am a true believer in this remarkable technology and felt the need to share this story with you.

Dr. S. H. Springfield, MO

April 6, 2002Thank you for introducing me to the the new homeopathic detox method which has been such a tremendous help to me. After attending the Wednesday night class at the St Joseph Hospital in Stockton I purchased the Imprinter and used it that night. 

Next morning I noticed the following amazing changes:

  1. My tooth ache stopped
  2. My fingers were so tight I could not make a fist. This is ninety percent better.
  3. The allergies I had had for forty years stopped, just like magic. I had tried many doctors and spent a lot of money but nothing seemed to work until I tried your method.

Thank you once again,
F.C. Stockton, CA

December 4, 2002To whom it may concern, 

I first developed rheumatoid arthritis some ten years ago. For a long time it only affected the joints in my fingers and did not cause me too much grief. In spite of the discomfort and pain I was still able to work and support myself and my children. I had a good government job working in a project for disabled and underprivileged people. The doctors said that basically they could do nothing for me except provide me with pain killing drugs. But there was no known cure for this form of arthritis. So I had to just hope and pray that my condition would not get worse.

Then about six months ago there was a sudden change for the worse. The arthritis seemed to move to many of the joints throughout my body, affecting even my jaws. It became difficult for me to open my mouth and eat. The pain became so severe that I was certain I was about to die. I said goodbye to my family and friends and no longer tried to get out of bed. I was so weak and in so much pain that walking was almost impossible.

At that point my friend Joanne, from Stockton, a small town about thirty miles away, talked me into trying the new homeopathic detox method. She drove me to a chiropractor in Sacramento, which is about two hours away, who she said was using this method. To my utter amazement after the treatment, which only took a few seconds, there was an immediate improvement. Within a week all the pain was gone and I had regained most of the mobility in my hands and the other joints which had been affected by this horrible disease.

I have had no problems since and I have been able to resume my job as a supervisor in the government project I work for. I travel to Washington D.C. and to many other parts regularly and hope that I will enjoy good health for many years to come.

V.M. Modesto, CA

May 20, 2002To whom it may concern, 

I have had diabetes for some time but it did not affect me to any major extent until about a year ago. I began having diabetic ulcers and infections in my left foot. In the last six months or so my foot swelled to easily ten times its normal size and many ulcers appeared. They oozed pus and my foot became red and inflamed. The doctors tried various antibiotics but they could not get the infection under control. X-rays showed that the infection had eaten away large chunks of bone in several places and I no longer could walk without the aid of crutches. I had to keep my foot heavily bandaged and the constant pain was so bad that sleeping was almost impossible. I could not live without the constant use of pain killing drugs.

Finally, the doctors gave up all conservative measures and said that the only solution was to amputate my left leg below the knee. The surgery was scheduled for about two weeks later.

About a week before the surgery was to be performed a friend talked me into trying the new homeopathic detox method. This appeared to kill the bacteria at once and soon a lot of the swelling was gone. Within six or seven weeks all the inflammation and swelling had left and I was once again able to walk like a normal person, although not without a limp because of the massive damage to my bones which had literally been eaten away by the bacteria (probably staph) which were responsible for the infection.

Thanks to this miraculous new use of homeopathic remedies I was not only able to avoid surgery but I have been able to resume a normal and useful life. After my experience I believe that when homeopathic remedies are used this new way they kill all infections within seconds. There are no exceptions.

J.B. Auburn, CA

December 20, 2002 

Happy holidays and may the year 2003 bring you great health, serenity and a great deal of prosperity, which couldn’t hurt!

I’m also writing to thank you for the marvelous work you did with me regarding my condition of ulcerative colitis. As you know, I had been in severe gastrointestinal pain with bouts of constipation, diarrhea, nausea, high anxiety, with physical shaking, since November 2000. I had been bedridden for over four months and had to let my private practice as a holistic nutritionist slide because of my weakness and difficulties with memory. I was anorexic having gone from 85 pounds to 70 pounds and I was highly malnourished.

Through the course of our work together for three weeks in December of 2002 I feel that I am almost fully healed of my problems. The shakiness is gone, my memory has improved and I haven’t had a stomach pain, constipation or diarrhea for over two weeks. Through the combination of using the homeopathic detox method, laser therapy and the supplements I have finally re-entered the land of the living. I think that the single most important factor was the homeopathic detox with the Imprinter. This stopped the pain within a few hours. Your knowledge and intuition are just short of miraculous.

I am honored to recommend you to anyone with acute or chronic diseases because I know that you can truly help him or her heal, and heal rapidly. You’re an exceptionally compassionate healer and one whom I trust implicitly. I intend to keep you supplied with many of my nutritional clients.

Thank you and God bless you,

Certified Nutritional Consultant
Roseville, CA

December 19, 2003I am writing this letter to thank you for what you have done for me and to give hope and encouragement to others. 

Earlier this year, in August and again in October, I met people who spoke of you very highly and urged me to come and see you.

I put it off because I had become a skeptic after seeing so many different types of doctors over the years with only minor temporary relief.

I came to you with multiple problems from head to toe—virtually. I am very happy to say that after using the homeopathic Imprinter and your treatments I was about 80% better. Improved overall and 100% improved in my hips.

Your knowledge, expertise and vast experience are far superior to what can be found coming out of most universities the past few decades. I know, I have been to many, many doctors of all kinds.

I feel better now, a week after being treated by you, than I did immediately after the sessions. Please feel free to show this letter to any and all! I am sending everyone I know to see you!

J.R. Sacramento, CA


To whom it may concern,

I had frequent bouts of lower back pain for years and when none of the treatments I tried helped, my doctor finally suggested that I be tested for prostate cancer. The main reason for his decision was the increasing difficulty I had with urination. A biopsy and blood tests were performed and these did, in fact, show that I did have prostate cancer.

My PSA was around 200 and my doctor told me that I should have surgery to remove my prostate and this would then be followed by chemo and radiation. I had had friends who had the same problem and the treatments were not very successful. Some of them had died and others complained that the invasive treatments used in the hospital had left them with chronic problems and weaknesses. As a result I was unwilling to follow my doctor’s treatment program and I began looking for alternatives.

A friend had told me of the new homeopathic detox method and he had said that this new method had helped him so much that he felt that I should try it before agreeing to the medical approach.

I bought my own homeopathic Imprinter and began using it a year ago. Within two months my lower back pain stopped and also my urination became better and less difficult. I went to the doctor six months later to have my prostate checked and he said that he could no longer find any trace of the cancer. All the tests he performed were negative.

D.W. Carmichael, CA


To whom it may concern,

I have been sick for the last twenty years. At times, especially the last five years or so, I have suffered from such severe chronic fatigue that I have often not had the strength to do hardly anything.

One of my worst problems was poor elimination. To try and help myself I tried going on a vegetarian diet, I took many laxatives and even tried colon hydrotherapy. None of these helped. I often went for several days without a bowel movement. The new homeopathic detox helped amazingly. When I bought my own homeopathic Imprinter and began using this instrument I became regular for the first time in ten years.

Lab tests had shown that I had many different kinds of parasites. They caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. All this also stopped immediately when I started using the homeopathic Imprinter.

On one occasion an interesting thing happened. A mosquito bit me and I swelled up unusually badly – about four times more than any other mosquito bite that I had ever had. I was terrified, expecting to have a lot of discomfort. This had always been the case in the past. So, I used the Imprinter immediately and to my surprise within approximately ten minutes the swelling and redness disappeared. I believe that I no longer have to live in fear of the West Nile virus.

I was looking to purchase a Rife machine or a Hulda Clark Zapper. But now I believe that the homeopathic Imprinter is far more useful: it is so easy to use and it clears the body of toxins and infections in seconds. Now that I have the homeopathic Imprinter, I am finally gaining control over my health problems of twenty years. My chronic fatigue is no longer there.

B.E. Sacramento, CA

July 2, 2005 

Recently a 15 year old was at my house, when they were leaving the mom said they were on their way to the drug store to get new medicine for him. He had a ringworm right on his cheek. The medicine the doctor gave him made it worse. Naturally, I had to charge him up with the “Guardian” with a vial. After 4 days I finally called and asked if anything had changed. They had decided to give the “Guardian” a try and not use anymore medicine. It dried up the ring worm. The outline of the ring worm was gone, there was only slight disruption in the skin. I charged him up one more time and by the next week when I saw him his skin was a smooth as a baby’s bottom. No evidence of the ringworm.

As for myself, I’ve seen many changes. My energy level really improved immensely. I have always had a stigmatism in both of my eyes. Last week the eye doctor told me that my left eye no longer has astigmatism. My in-laws female dog always gets exited when I come to visit and loses control of her bladder (I’m assuming dogs have bladders too). Anyway, she leaks quite a bit. This has been going on for 10 years. Two months ago I pressed the “Guardian” on her side, not knowing if it would do anything. She has not had any leaking since. No more puddles on the floor and I noticed she is a lot calmer too. And now she stands very still when I charge her.

Have a great day.

U.O. Greys Lake, Illinois

Received: 8/16/05 

I suffered an injury to my upper spine between the shoulder blades (inter- costal vertebrae) four of them injured. Three neuro surgeons, two in Arizona, one in Texas, examined me, bluntly told me it was inoperable – I could not be helped except by pain killers. For almost fifteen years I have suffered excruciating pain, similar to the pain of a sprained ankle, day after day.

Now, thanks to the “Guardian,” two weeks ago I started in the morning after breakfast, “incredible”!!! An hour and a half afterward I immediately felt the pain leaving me. I was so overwhelmed I almost cried! Now I have been able to sleep much better. I can curl on my right and left side, something I couldn’t do for so long!

Thank you so much!

Joe, New Mexico, USA

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