Spectra Cold Laser



The Spectra Laser System can greatly enhance the body’s natural, regenerative functions. For instance, it stimulates endorphin release and collagen production.

Cold laser research in controlled studies has been expanding rapidly in recent years, as more and more medical specialties discover its benefits. At this time, FDA considers these types of lasers to be investigative or experimental, but mounting enthusiasm among practitioners who regularly use them successfully around the world indicates that they will soon be incorporated in conventional, medical care. For instance, acupuncturists have long used cold lasers to stimulate the body’s acu-points, replacing the conventional needles that many patients fear.

The Spectra was designed to launch even more investigative research and to offer the practitioner a potent tool with many innovative features that no other laser system offers regardless of price. Truly “state of the art,” this 21st Century instrument is a vastly improved blend of cutting edge electronics that can fit comfortably in a pocket.

Consider These Features:

  • A Micro Processor controlled hand-held laser
  • Six pre-set programs for various applications
  • Easily selected options with just a single button
  • An exclusive “Key System” for adding programs
  • Ability to add a limitless number of frequencies
  • Rechargeable battery operation provides long life
  • Protective carrying case for laser and accessories