Eagle Research LLC Accessories: Twin-Ray Laser Light Pen


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Twin-Ray Laser Light Pen

An Infrared & LED Light Source with TWIN-RAY Power.

Eagle Research offers the versatile TWIN-RAY accessory for use with both the Eagle PRO Remedy Maker and the Wave Master frequency generator. The TWIN-RAY tool produces two therapeutic light beams at specific wavelengths. These lights stimulate the cells of the body and accelerates the body’s ability to regenerate. By running the TWIN-RAY from either the Pro Remedy Maker or the Wave Master Frequency Generator you can create remedies that compliment the fixed frequencies of the Infrared and LED light beams. The Twin-Ray can be purchased for $30 extra when the Remedy Maker Pro is purchased. Add the appropriate product in the store after adding the Remedy Maker to your cart.

Benefits of the Twin Ray:

  • Reduces back and joint pain.
  • Relieves pain in tight muscles
  • Accelerates healing in wounds and infections
  • Helps to heal acne, eczema, and other skin problems
  • Promotes the relief of pain associated with tendonitis
  • Reduces the painful effects of bruising and scar tissue