Hi Sharon,

I want to THANK YOU for my Reconnection. I have continued my transformation and notice important changes. Very interesting.

Some of the changes I have experienced since the Reconnection are a little hard to articulate. The easiest to explain is that when I see therapy clients, I notice that my hands get red-hot, even though I am doing talk-therapy (and a little EMDR). I realized I was very disconnected to my body. Now, I am in my body more. The most profound change is my connection with God and the Universe. I’ve had some pretty intense struggles, followed by some equally intense feelings of connectedness and bliss. I think the Reconnection opened me up to my process of spiritual development. I have my sense of optimism back that I haven’t felt for many years. My experiences come much more rapidly, in part because I feel much less afraid of them now.

I am very grateful for your work. You are a powerful healer.


Carrie Bailey, Ed.D. C.Psych.

While Sharon was working above my upper torso and head I suddenly felt two other (people) working ON my legs and feet, literally touching me ….

Thanks for sharing this one. I just remembered that when Sharon Toole (the creator of the Wonderful Energy Psychology conferences in Toronto for the past five years) did my Reconnection session, at the end for about ten minutes I felt like I was “flattened out” like a steam roller had run over me, like in a cartoon. I laid there feeling, now that I think more about it, as if I was being “held down”, but in my case all over—not with hands. I have had that experience only once before in a Rebirthing session 20 years ago, but it was much more intense. This was like having a board on top of me and it being pushed down. Thanks for your post. This adds a new angle on that experience.

Sharon certainly has a gift…  and she is a gift!

Keep on sharing. Quite an experience you are having.

Don Elium