The Eagle Remedy Maker offers a modern way to produce, copy, and utilize homeopathic remedies rapidly and effectively. It is powerful enough for the seasoned practitioner, yet simple enough for a child to operate. Eagle Research produces several attachments and accessories that will allow anyone to be able to take advantage of the Remedy Maker to the fullest extent. Whether you’re trying to recuperate from walking through a patch of poison ivy, you need acupuncture treatments, or your dog has an upset stomach, the Remedy Maker has a way to obtain and utilize the answer!

In today’s world, the human organism is constantly being bombarded by factors that tax the body and push it out of a balanced state of health. How many adults do you know experience radiant health? Radiant health does not just mean being symptom free; it means being truly radiantly healthy where an abundance of energy, creativity, joy, and strength are the norm rather than the exception. Whether it’s poor quality air or water, food preservatives or additives, toxins, parasites, or pharmacological agents, most of us have to deal with health stresses of some sort on a daily basis. It only takes seconds for the Remedy Maker to create a remedy from a source material, store it, and output it for use with humans and animals. It’s ease of use and versatility allow for various methods of signal application and a wide spectrum of uses.

The Eagle Guardian provides a safe, non-invasive, and profoundly effective way to restore and balance the body’s bio-energetic pathways. It is being hailed as one of the most exciting and promising discoveries in the fields of bio-energetics and vibrational medicine. With this new device and procedure, it is possible to imprint and greatly amplify the body’s vibrational signature and apply it to the body in such a way as to stimulate restorative and healing processes.It is as if the Guardian provides the body with a clear signal or road map to the underlying causes of imbalance, such as harmful degenerative processes, micro-organisms, parasites, toxins, deficiencies, etc. Once the body has a clear signal, it can activate numerous healing processes. The Guardian does not actually heal; it lets the body do the work.

The Eagle Guardian is able to create a powerful homeopathic remedy from the user’s body itself. The remedy contains a greatly amplified imprint of the individual’s total bio-energetic signature (including any harmful vibrations present in a person’s body), and can be stored in a small, glass vial. When this vial is worn on the body, it is able to continuously send an amplified signal to the body, repeatedly giving clear direction as to how to restore balance. With the Guardian, nothing needs to be ingested.

“What’s the difference between the REMEDY MAKER and the GUARDIAN?”
“And why do practitioners purchase both?”

The REMEDY MAKER makes/copies/amplifies specific high energy homeopathic remedies. The output signal is INVERTED so that the remedy becomes an antigen (which is a substance that, when introduced into the body, stimulates the production of an antibody).

The GUARDIAN is like a small frequency generator (which does not make remedies). It 1) reads energy through the input area or 2″ disc or SP 3 and then, 2) applies an energetic countermeasure or signature through the output area. The GUARDIAN is an energy balancing tool. It reads the body’s energy signature and amplifies it millions of times, then returns this signal to the body or remedy to assist in balancing the energy field. (The GUARDIAN does not make homeopathic remedies because the output signal is NOT inverted; however, the REMEDY MAKER does make remedies because the output signal IS inverted.)

In essence, these two instruments have the opposite function of each other. The REMEDY MAKER is a lower power remedy-making, remedy-copying, remedy-amplifying homeopathic instrument with an output signal that is inverted; the GUARDIAN is a higher power function generator instrument with an output signal that is NOT inverted.

Practitioners usually purchase the REMEDY MAKER, the GUARDIAN, and the Mult-Vial Charger. Each instrument’s function is unique, but together, work as a team and complement each other.

Disclaimer: Neither the REMEDY MAKER nor the GUARDIAN has been designed or is intended to treat or cure anything. Void where prohibited.