The Batch Plate


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The Folding Batch Plate is a stainless steel plate which measures 7″ x 7″ inches, when unfolded and comes with a 24″ patch cord. This cord can be plugged into the input or output side of the Remedy Maker or the Guardian Imprinter to increase the available surface area.

If you need a larger imprinting surface, the Large Batch Plate will do the job. Measuring 12″ x 12″ inches, the Large Batch Plate will accommodate several gallon or letter size containers. It comes with a 24″ inch patch cord.

Using the Batch Plate, you can make remedies from large plastic or glass containers, charge multiple bottles in a single cycle, or use it as a treatment plate for larger problem areas.  The Batch Plate is an inexpensive tool with many applications. For large remedies, consider using two plates for the input and output sides.